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Did you go for a lunch or dinner at a Popeyes recently? Do you know you can win discount coupons by sharing your views through Popeyes Customer Satisfaction Survey? You just need to give a survey. You might not know all this happens but yes, it does. Do you wanna know how it to participate and what you get for participating? You are in the right place. In this article, we will let you know all the information about the survey details and instructions.

The main reason Popeyes conducts these surveys is to know customers views on his recent visit to their restaurant. Satisfaction of the customers should be the main goal of the company they want to advance. To ensure satisfaction they ask customers in the form of a survey. The company then tries to improve product quality and service offerings based on the feedback.

Objectives Of Conducting A Survey

  • To know what actually the customers want so that they can improve their services and quality of products.
  • Staff members can be alarmed if there is any negative feedback from customers.
  • To know the customer’s views on food and many other factors such as service and place.
  • If there are any terrible reviews, the manager and workers will be warned. So that no other customer will go through that experience.
  • To eventually meet the customer’s expectations. To fulfill their needs and to ensure 100% satisfaction.

The Popeyes Survey

The Popeyes survey is conducted online on their website. The intention is to make it easily accessible and available. If you have visited a Popeyes then you can participate in the survey @

Take Survey  or Give Feedback


  • is the official survey site of Popeyes. You can participate in the survey by Clicking official website.
  • Tell Popeyes Survey is run by Service Management Group.
  • The main motto behind conducting this survey is to know each and every customer’s satisfaction or dissatisfaction regarding the store.
  • The person who personally visited the store is eligible to take part in the survey.
  • The bill receipt that you receive at the restaurant is must if you want to participate in the survey.

Rules and Regulations

In order to participate in the Popeyes survey, one needs to fulfill the below rules and regulations.

  • The person who is participating in the survey should be a legal resident of USA (United States of America).
  • Employees who work in Popeyes and their family members cannot participate in the survey and the sweepstakes. It is taken as invalid.
  • You can participate in the survey only within 2 days of visiting the store.
  • The bill receipt should be of a recent visit and should be valid.
  • The customer participating in the review should be of an age 16 years or above.


These four are the requirements for participating in the survey. Make sure you have all of them before starting the survey.

  1. Popeyes purchase bill (Receipt).
  2. One must be able to understand English or Spanish.
  3. A Mobile phone, Tablet, PC or a Laptop. (Or any device on which you can launch a browser)
  4. Mobile data or Wifi connection (Internet).

What type of questions will be asked in the survey?

Questions may not be the same for everyone. Questions will be asked with respect to time and place. However, below are the questions that we got in our survey.

  • How is the Quality of food and drinks?
  • How frequently do you visit the restaurant?
  • How accurate is your order?
  • Cleanliness and tidiness of the restaurant.
  • Are you satisfied with your experience at the restaurant?
  • How is the freshness of food items?
  • How is the taste of the food?
  • Are you satisfied with the prices?
  • How friendly are the staff?

How To Participate In The Tell Popeyes Survey

One must follow the below steps one by one carefully.

  • First, you need to open a browser. (For example Google Chrome, Safari, Edge, Opera etc)
  • Enter the web address of Popeyes’s official survey site i.e 
  • English and Spanish languages are available. Chose the one you are comfortable with.

  • And click on “Take Survey”. You can also leave feedback in case you don’t have a receipt, click on ‘Continue’ to do so.

  • Restaurant number, Date, Time and Total Amount printed on your receipt should be entered in the boxes. Then click on ‘Start’.
  • Now you will be asked some questions regarding your experience in Popeyes. Try to answer the questions genuinely.
  • Click on ‘submit’ to submit your survey.
  • Here, your personal details such as name, address and email will be asked. Enter them so that the company can contact you if win any rewards.
  • Now you enter into sweepstakes lucky draw if you win in it you may receive 1000$ gift card.
  • The Card you received can be used on your next visit to Popeyes. But remember that the card or code has an expiry date. Make sure you use it before it expires.

Popeyes Rewards

After the completion of your survey, you enter into sweepstakes lucky draw. By entering into this list you have a probability of winning a prize money of $1000. If you are lucky and you win your name will be declared on the official site. You will also be informed through a phone call. So make sure you provide the right mobile number during the survey.
Note: The person participating in the survey should be 16 years and above. You must call the company to receive your reward if you win. The amount on the gift card is non-transferable.

About The Company: Popeyes

Popeyes is an American multinational chain of fried chicken fast food restaurants founded in 1972 in New Orleans, Louisiana. Since 2008, its full brand name is Popeyes Louisiana Kitchen, Inc. and it was formerly named  Popeyes Chicken & Biscuits and Popeyes Famous Fried Chicken & Biscuits. It is currently a subsidiary of Restaurant Brands International. More than 2,600 Popeyes restaurants are in more than 40 states and the  District of Columbia,  Puerto Rico, and 30 countries worldwide. About thirty locations are company-owned, the rest franchised.

Popeyes serves chicken dishes in mild and spicy flavors and offers sides such as red beans and rice,  Cajun fries, mashed potatoes with Cajun-style gravy,  Cajun rice, macaroni & cheese, and coleslaw. In addition to fried chicken, other entree items include a chicken-and-sausage jambalaya and po’boy sandwiches. Most combo meals come with a side order, drink, and a biscuit.  For a limited time only in 2017, Popeyes offered “Sweet and Crunchy” chicken, fried chicken tenders coated in shortbread cookie breading.


There you have it. We hope you got all the information that you needed to know about the Popeyes Customer Satisfaction Survey. We have summarised everything about the survey such as How to participate, rules, regulations, requirements, and rewards. We hope we are helpful in any possible way. Thank You. Peace.

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