The Best Tips For Washing Woolen Garments

The Best Tips For Washing Woolen Garments

If you have woolen clothes and have risked washing without proper precautions, you may have suffered the consequences. Because to wash the woolen garments you have to take into account some tips.

In this article, we give you the keys to keeping your wool clothes in perfect condition. With some very simple tips, you will not have problems with this type of fabric and you will always look perfect.

Wool clothes

Wool is the perfect choice for cold days, as it is an ideal insulator to keep us at a warm temperature and without humidity. But this natural fiber is very delicate and absorbent, so we must learn how to treat and wash it properly.

If we do not do it the right way, we risk that the clothes will be damaged, shrunk, or deformed. And as we want to maintain the quality, comfort, and softness of wool, we share some essential tips to achieve it.

Tips for washing wool items

1. Look at the manufacturer’s label

To wash the woolen garments it is important to review the recommendations on the label. In this way, we can detail some care that it requires.

First of all, when washing clothes, be it wool or other fabrics, we must pay attention to the manufacturer’s label. There we will find the information we need to take care of the clothes in the proper way. Also, we will discover the quality of the fabric and if it is 100% wool.

In the case of woolen garments, this is essential because not all of them require the same care. Some may have to be dry cleaned and others washed by hand. Instead of some, we could use the washing machine.

2. If you choose the washing machine, pay attention

Can wool items be washed in the washing machine? Yes, it can. However, you should pay attention to the program you choose, since otherwise, you could spoil them.

Some automatic washing machines already incorporate a specific program for wool clothes. If there is none, you must select the option of ” delicate clothing ” or “hand wash.” 

However, we will always ensure that it is a cold and low-intensity water cycle. Be careful because warm water can also shrink your clothes!

  • We also recommend leaving the garment in cold water before washing for half an hour to avoid shrinking. 
  • When introducing it to the washing machine, we can put the garment in a mesh bag so that it does not get caught or damaged with other types of fabrics. However, this is optional.

3. Drying the garments

To dry woolen clothes it is convenient to remove excess water. Thus we prevent the garment from becoming deformed.

With the dryer, we cannot make exceptions since we risk spoiling the clothes. The heat will cause the garment to shrink, even if we have followed all the steps for proper washing.

When laying the garment, we must do it horizontally above the clothesline. In the case of hanging it, the weight of the water in the clothes would stretch and deform the garment.

We can also choose to wrap the clothes with a towel and thus remove some of the moisture before drying it. We will do it as if we folded it or by rolling it carefully and pressing it to drain the excess water.

4. General tips

Whether we are going to wash the woolen garments by hand or machine, there are some general tips that we should follow:

  • Wash clothes when necessary, not too regularly. We should not wash it with the same frequency as any other garment.
  • We recommend turning the garment before washing it. 
  • The intensity should always be smooth. If it is a machine, we will select it, and if it is by hand, we will avoid rubbing hard.
  • Always choose a mild detergent dissolved in water, if possible, that is specific to woolen garments.
  • If we only want to remove the smell of the garment we can air it or leave it alone soak.
  • If in spite of all the care the clothes seem to have shrunk after washing it, the moment to stretch it gently is when it is still wet.
  • We will always opt for handwashing when the garment is too delicate. For example, if you have embroidery or sequins.

Do you want to take care of your woolen garments and always look like new? Follow these simple tips and enjoy the softness of this natural fabric. 

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