How to Resolve Crashing and Freezing Issues of MacBook

How to Resolve Crashing and Freezing Issues of MacBook

Notebook computers are very common and one cannot even think of life without it no matter what work we do when it comes to portable computers there is a number of brands in the market but for a very long and long time Apple is the leader as they are quite sturdy and reliable for all the professional but when the maintenance is not done timely one can face many issues with MacBook and the most common issue is MacBook crash or freezes while working on multiple apps such as chrome, Photoshop, etc. to avoid this once must get the update install timely and also once must get it to service regularly from Apple repair Mumbai.

Unwanted Apps:

In general unwanted apps do not impact the performance directly but lots of unwanted apps do consume storage space and when they get updates they start as a normal app and update itself and that time they consume internet data and consume resources which impact the performance of the device you can easily get rid of the unwanted app by just going to any Application folder and delete them if you have trouble deleted or the app is refusing to delete then you can get in touch with any Apple Mac repair. Deleting unwanted apps also saves space. Most of the 2015 MacBook air comes with only 128Gb of storage which is very limited. Hence cleaning unwanted software makes sure that 128GB takes longer to fill also you can clean the trash for additional saving of storage.

Beta Version macOS:

Apple frequently related macOS updates and as a user, you should never sign up for beta version tester. As the beta version of macOS does allow you to use the operating system before they release to the public. But it comes with many major and minor bugs which required constant update to fix. If you don’t then they may interrupt the work and many time random system reboot or hangs. Always wait for the right public release update and then only use. If you are experiencing a MacBook crash post update. We will suggest you back up and reinstall your device using system recovery.

The system recovery is quite simple just turn off the device and press command + R. The device will boot in system recovery where you connect to the internet to download and install a compatible version of macOS. Remember the recovery can take time depends on the many factors such as internet speed. The apple service speed so make sure your mac has 100 % percent battery. Before you process and for any reason if the machine backup is not happening you can take the manual backup like copy and paste. Do not forget to take the backup of the library folder of photos.

Check Hard Drive:

The hard drive or SSD storage can also be the reason for the slow boot or MacBook freezing randomly in order to check that you can open disk utility which can be found in “Spot Light Search” once disk utility is open select the drive and click on “First Aid” and run this is completely safe and no data is lost while processing this with the first aid option the hard drive is tested for if there are any issues in the hard drive once you get the result you can understand the condition of the hard drive. In case you get the error pics of the error as you may need to share with Apple repair center so it can be easy for their technician to diagnose the device.

Apple Repair Centre:

If in case nothing works you can get in touch with the nearest Apple repair centre. Opening it without knowledge can be risky and can damage other components such as logic, board, or cables. While giving to the centre make sure to check what the diagnosis fees is. There are many reliable apple repair stores that can do free diagnosis and free pickup drop for your place.

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