Best care routine for curly hair

Best care routine for curly hair

Best care routine for curly hair


Curly hair needs more attention and proper care. Curly hair is very different from other hair types and takes more time for the best care routine. Most curly hair girls take too much stress on making their hair soft and shiny.


A little bit of a person has curly hair, requiring special attention and treatment. Most of the girls didn’t like their curly hair, but on the other hand, curly hair is a gift from God. And they want to try to make their hair straight permanently, but the tools damage their hair for a lifetime.


So, avoid doing such activity and be aware of yourself from the best care routine. Therefore, Make your hair well curly and elegant by applying better passages. Below is some best care routine for curly hair tips for you to maintain.


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Avoid hot water


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Best care routine for curly hair

Using cool water is an amazing process to wash your curly hair as a girl aware that hot water causes many side effects, like hair fall, frizz, removing moisture, and natural hair oil. Coldwater helps to protect the natural oil and moisture of the hair.

Choose the best shampoo.

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Best care routine for curly hair

The first step is washing or cleansing. High quantity moisture is required for curly hair. Natural oil is essential for healthy and hydrated hair; therefore, use the right shampoo. Use a special conditioner and shampoo to cleanse your curly hair.


The main purpose of using unique products is to strip curly hair of its oils. The other benefit is keeping the hair safe from damage, frizz, and breakage. Avoid washing your hair every day. The best way is to shampoo a couple a week. Wash with Fructis Curl Nourish shampoo and avoid sulfate shampoo.

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With the help of Fructis Pure Clean Detangler, spray your curly hair before washing and apply a wide-toothed comb. After shampoo, use your fingertips and brush gently from the bottom of the hair. If your hair is wet, never touch the brush because at that time, using a comb can break your curly hair easily.

Use the best towel

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Best Care Routine for curly hair

After the shower, don’t touch the hairdryer directly; rather, use a soft and smooth towel or any cloth to squeeze the water from your hair. This way is best for keeping safe from heat damage and hair frizz. If your hair is still wet, apply the dryer but ensure that the air setting and heat are low to medium. So, ensure to dry your hair completely before visiting outside.

Sleeping routine

The sleep routine girls with too much weight sleep on their hair can make it Nouotty, hedgehog, and messy. Furthermore, the right step for a girl with curly hair is to sleep on her stomach, or the side is good to keep her hair curly. So, before you go to sleep:


Consider applying an essential oil, use a hair mask, and conditioner to your curls.

Overnight, use a DIY hair mask and then shampoo out in the early morning.

Apply a hair mask 2-1 time a week if your hair is very dry.

In your mask, add different ingredients, including coconut oil, avocado, honey, and banana.


So, these ingredients increase moisture and work well on the hair during the night. Furthermore, properly use your finger to massage your scalp with the oil.

Find right oils

Oiling your curly hair is a vital part of your daily beauty hair care routine. However, it promotes hair growth and ensures the proper blood circulation system of the head. As we know, natural oil doesn’t easily shift down in the hair.


Furthermore, use some outside best oils, also considered natural oil. Pick any oil, olive oil, jojoba oil, coconut oil, avocado oil, grapeseed oil, castor oil, and argan oil. These oils help slough off dead skin cells and give curly hair the best shiny, soft, and healthy look.


Finally, it is time to apply all the above best care routines of curly hair in your life with a proper process. With curly hair, girls need too much look. Do a deep conditioner weekly, use spray, avoid high heat, and trim. Furthermore, find the best shampoo and conditioner.


So, use cool water and don’t shower daily. In the week, do trim to remove damage and split ends hair. Stay away from too many hot hair styling tools and brush properly. A person blessed with curly hair looks awesome more than other common hair types of girls.




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